Bed Bath and Beyond Coupon 2014

As one of the largest North American retailers, Bed Bath & Beyond sells a wide variety of items such as bedding, furniture, lighting, cookware, home decor items, and more. For those individuals getting married, the BBB wedding registry has been immensely popular and is helpful for both the happy couple and their well wishers. Because of the popularity of Bed Bath and Beyond, Bed Bath and Beyond coupons are in high demand and the availability of a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon just makes the store even more popular. We hope to deliver information about discounts, coupons, and special promotions offered by Bed Bath and Beyond; we hope this information can help you save a bundle at this very popular retailer.

What coupons does Bed Bath & Beyond offer?

BB&B provides multiple types of coupons and promotions. Like many stores, this retailer offers percentage-off coupons as well as dollars-off coupons. The most frequently offered Bed Bath & Beyond coupons are the 20% off a single item coupon and the $5 off coupon. On occasion, they will also provide a coupon for $15 off your purchase; this and the $5 off coupon are particularly good deals for lower priced items or purchases. Alternatively, the Bed Bath and Beyond 20% off coupon will help you save more money off a single higher priced item. On rare occasions, BB&B offers a special 20% off your entire purchase coupon. Although this coupon is always in high demand, they are also rare and difficult to get.

Where and how do I get Bed Bath & Beyond coupons?

Bed bath and beyond coupon 20 off

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Coupons from Bed Bath & Beyond are usually pretty easy to find and you can have and use multiple coupons at once (if you’re purchasing more than one item). The $5 off and 20% off a single item coupons are offered most frequently while the $15 off is not quite as common and the 20% off your entire purchase is quite rare. Once you are signed up to receive marketing materials from Bed Bath & Beyond, you’ll receive coupons via mail and/or e-mail. Check out these tips to make sure you are maximizing your potential benefit:

  • If you go to BB&B without a coupon, ask a sales associate the if they have one available. Most of the time they have some available for use and are willing to let you use them if you ask nicely. The clerks can also sign you up to receive coupons and flyers through your e-mail or regular mail (whichever you prefer).
  • Visit the BBB website at and sign up to receive coupons through your email. When you sign up to receive their email newsletter, you will receive a 20% off a single item coupon in your e-mail inbox; this coupon is printable and is usually delivered immediately. When you open your e-mail, you’ll see a link to go to the page that has the coupon and you can print it off there (just make sure you have sufficient ink in your printer). Occasionally some people report that they don’t receive the email coupon after they sign up. It is possible that the email could be delayed for one reason or another or you may have received the message but your e-mail provider may have routed it to your spam folder. If you haven’t received the coupon, check your spam folder to see if it was sent there. If you signed up using an email address that you had already registered with Bed Bath & Beyond, you may need to use a different or new e-mail address to get another coupon.
  • As a general rule, you are likely to receive the 20% off a single item through your email and it also may occasionally be offered through a flyer in your mail or an in-store ad. The $5 off coupon also appears frequently in local ads or through flyers; this is how the $15 off coupon is typically delivered as well although less often.
  • If you do a search online, you may find coupons for sale by individuals who have received coupons they do not plan to use. These coupons are usually an inexpensive purchase but there may be some issues of legality and selling a coupon voids the coupon’s value.

Useful Tips Regarding Bed Bath and Beyond Coupons

  • The 20% off a single item coupon that you receive in your email and is and Bed Bath and Beyond printable coupon and is referred to as a savings certificate. It is designed to be printed and redeemed in-store, not online. These coupons do usually have an expiry date based on when it was printed and you must redeem it by that date.
  • Coupons sent in flyers or ads through the mail are also only redeemable at Bed Bath & Beyond stores. These usually also have an expiry date past which some stores will accept them while others will not. You can contact your local store to check their coupon policies before visiting and you can get contact information for your local store through the website.
  • Typically, you may only redeem one coupon per visit to the store. Some local stores may allow you to use more than one coupon as long as there is only one coupon used per item; again, check with the individual location for their coupon policy. Photocopying coupons and distributing them is coupon fraud and and can be punishable by law. However, if you have more than one item and more than one legitimate coupon, have a friend go with you and use one of the coupons to purchase an item for you. You also may be able to purchase one item with the coupon, leave the line, and get in line again to purchase another item with another legitimate coupon; however, some stores will not allow you to do this and will only permit the use of one coupon per day.
  • Bed Bath & Beyond does accept manufacturer coupons. The manufacturer coupon cannot be expired, it must apply to the specific item the coupon was intended for, and you only use one coupon per item.
  • You cannot use any BBB coupons online. All Bed Bath & Beyond coupons are intended to be used in the store. However, if there is an item online that is not available in the store, the store manager or an associate can order the item for you and apply your coupon value to the item when you pick it up at the store. Alternatively, if there’s an item available at a lower price online than is offered in the store, the store will match the price. Unfortunately, when utilizing their price matching service, you will not be able to use a coupon.
  • You can use a competitor coupon at BB&B. The coupon cannot be expired and the competitor store must carry the item you’re purchasing. For example, a coupon for a brand of towels at Target can be used at Bed Bath & Beyond if you are purchasing that precise brand of towel.
  • Bed Bath and Beyond does not offer coupon codes or promotional codes for online redemption. The company does offer special promotions and sales for their online store and they will email these offers to you after you join their email or newsletter list. The offers can range from clearance sales to discounts on select items to free shipping but any item ordered online cannot receive the benefit of a coupon.
  • You may be able to use a coupon after your in-store purchase. Some stores will allow you to bring a coupon into the store to receive the discount after you have already purchased the item (usually within a specific time). Ask a sales associate or the store manager if they will allow this rather then assuming that they will as their coupon policies may vary.
  • Do the math to get the most bang for your buck. You can get the most benefit from a 20% off a a single item coupon for a higher value item such as an appliance or piece of furniture. For smaller items like kitchen accessories or linens, using $5 off or $15 off coupon can save you a much higher percent off your order.
  • Coupons from Linens-n-Things are no longer accepted at Bed Bath & Beyond.
  • On occasion you may see a 10% off a single item coupon from Bed Bath and Beyond which is usually found in circulars or mailed out.
  • BB&B will sometimes offer a $25 off a purchase of $125 or more; make sure you are getting a good deal and are not pressured into purchasing a large item – the value of this coupon is not significantly more than 20% off.

Bed Bath & Beyond offers a lot of great ways to save on both large and small items which is one of the reasons it’s such a popular store. There’s no reason to go shopping without a BBB coupon so make sure you get one before your next trip and your bank account will thank you.